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Edo 2024: SDP gov aspirant resigns membership

A governorship aspirant of the Social Democratic Party in Edo State, Osarenren Izedonmwen, has resigned his membership of the party for reasons he said were not in line with his political convictions.


A letter to the Chairman, Oredo Ward 4 of the party, Austin Edosomwan, read that he however hoped that there would be collaboration between him and the party in future.


According to Vanguard, in the letter sighted on Monday, Izedonmwen said, “Throughout my time with SDP, I have been profoundly committed to the principles of inclusive democracy, transparency, and grassroots engagement, which initially drew me to the party. While I have valued my time with the SDP and appreciate the opportunities it has provided to engage with my local community and state constituents, I find that the current direction and practices of the party diverge from my core political beliefs and the vision I hold for effective governance. It is important for me to align my political pursuits with platforms that reflect inclusivity, transparency, unity, and a commitment to democratic values.


“Despite my departure, I want to make clear that this resignation is not borne out of malice or disregard for the individuals within the party. Rather, it is a move toward aligning my political activities more closely with my values and goals.


“It is my hope that, in the future, there may be opportunities for collaboration between myself and the SDP, especially if the party’s direction aligns more closely with the grassroots, inclusive, and transparent politics I advocate for. In the pursuit of our state’s and nation’s betterment, I believe that constructive partnerships can transcend individual affiliations.


“Please accept this letter as the formal notification of my resignation from the Social Democratic Party and I kindly request that my resignation be processed promptly. I wish the party and its members success in their future endeavours and look forward to potential collaborative efforts that serve the public interest and foster genuine democratic values.”

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