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Senegal’s Faye tasks PM Sonko with economic overhaul mission

Senegal’s President, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, is taking bold steps to tackle the country’s economic problems by giving a crucial task to his Prime Minister, Ousmane Sonko, to come up with an urgent “action plan.”


This decision follows Faye’s significant victory in the recent elections, where he promised sweeping changes, according to AFP.


Despite not having much prior experience in elected positions, the victory of Faye who at 44 is the youngest leader of the nation reflects the Senegalese people’s desire for a new direction.


After their first official meeting, Faye instructed Sonko to present a detailed plan by the end of April. This plan should include a thorough review of current programs and a report on the state of the country’s finances, international partnerships, and collaborations between the public and private sectors.


President Faye stressed the importance of working closely with Senegal’s private sector to kickstart the economy. He has made it clear to his ministers that he was elected to bring about significant changes and improvements in Senegal’s economic and social sectors.


This urgency stems from the fact that a large portion of Senegal’s 18 million people live in poverty, and unemployment is high, standing at around 20 percent. The economy has been further strained by the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the fallout from the Ukraine conflict.


Dealing with high debt, inflation, and social and political unrest over the past few years has discouraged investment. Prime Minister Sonko has outlined the government’s priorities, which include creating jobs for young people, reducing living costs, and ensuring human rights are upheld.

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